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This is a list of things the commentators may say during game-play.

Goal Quotes: Edit


  • "Stunning goal here, as he hits the back of the net with ease!"
  • "His teammates join him to start the celebrations. Great goal!"
  • "What a free kick, great goal!"


  • Well it came at an awkward height, but he did connect well, and timed the volley to perfection"
  • "Now that really was a great volley"


  • Nice finish, He's put them back into it!"
  • There's a look of confidence about the team now as they draw level"
  • "Great work from the team to get back into the match"

Offside Quotes Edit

  • "And he's well offside"
  • "Good work by the defense, just offside"
  • "Player's not happy with that decision, but he did seem to stray slightly offside."
  • "Referee calls play back for an offside"
  • "I don't know why the assistant had trouble raising his flag he was clearly offside"

Onside Quotes Edit

  • "The defenders are looking at the assistant, but the flag stays down!"
  • "And he's stayed onside!"
  • "That was close"

Shooting quotes Edit


  • "Well he's a long way out"
  • "Long ranger"
  • "Has a crack from distance!"
  • "He has a go!"
  • "Tries his luck!"
  • "Tries his luck from the distance!"
  • "That's an optimistic effort"


  • "Here's (player's name)!"
  • "this great player is the best!''
  • "Has a dig."
  • "It's (Player's name)!"
  • "Don't mess with this great player
  • "(Player's Name)"


  • ''Oh he tries a header!"
  • "Off his head"

Goalie save/collection Edit

  • "(Goalie's name) collects".
  • "(Goalie's name) saves."
  • "Great save by (keeper's name)"
  • "Oh and it's saved by (keeper's name."
  • "Another great save by (keeper's name)"
  • "Great save by (keeper's name), I think it was going in!"
  • "Aww, fantastic reflex save by (keeper's name)!"
  • "Easy for the goalkeeper there!"
  • "Confident catch by the goalie"
  • "(Goalie's name), unbelievable save!"
  • "(Goalie's name), with Another brilliant save!"
  • "He must have seen it very late wonderful save!"
  • "And he has forced the goalkeeper into an excellent save!"
  • "Keeper got a good hands behind that"
  • "That's confident goalkeeping there"
  • "Let's look at that wonderful save again!"

Missed Goals Edit


  • "Ooh what a mess
  • "I'm not sure (keeper's name) had that one"
  • "You know I thought that was going in and I think half the crowd did as well!"
  • "Ooh he tried his best
  • "You'd expect a player of his talent, to at least hit the target"
  • "Ooh that's just off target!"
  • "Close, but not close enough"I am a lose
  • "Did well to engineer his shot, unlucky not to score"
  • "He almost started celebrating so unlucky"
  • "Just needed a bit more composure to get that shot on target"
  • "Keeper, really glad to see that one go over. I'm not sure he would've got to that!"
  • "Few inches lower and it would have been in"


  • "(player's name) Should have done better with that one"
  • "Not the best effort there"
  • "That's well wide"
  • "That's well over"
  • "He got under that a bit too much I think"
  • "That's high, and won't trouble the keeper."
  • "Oh he's put it into row Z"
  • "He won't want us to show him a replay of that one"
  • "He should have been on target!"

Kicks Edit


  • "Easy decision then, it's a goal kick."
  • "That will be a goal kick"
  • "And just a goal kick."
  • "Referee points for a goal kick"


  • "Manager signals his centre-backs, to get forward for the corner"
  • "Well there's some pushing going on inside the box"
  • "Let's see what comes of this then"
  • "Into the danger zone"
  • "Into the danger area"
  • "Whipped in with pace!"

Tackles Edit

  • "Good challenge!"
  • "(player's name) with A Great challenge"
  • "Superb challenge"
  • "Great tackle!"
  • "Cleanly"
  • "He takes the ball cleanly!"
  • "Strong challenge there!" (only if it is barely legal)
  • "Good stuff he reads the game so well"
  • "Ooh he steps up to steal the ball!"
  • "Defender regains possession, and now they'll try and break"
  • "(Player's name) with the tackle"
  • "And he's given possession away, in a dangerous place!"
  • "That's a dangerous area to lose the ball"

Foul Quotes Edit


  • "That's a reckless challenge"
  • "That's a pointless challenge"
  • "That's a bit cynical really. It's going to be a free kick"
  • "Referee calls play back, for the earlier foul"
  • "Referee tried to play the advantage there"
  • "That's a rash challenge there"
  • "Oh he lost his head there a bit, bad challenge"
  • "Free kick then"
  • "Oh, that's a foul!"
  • "Oh, a very badly timed challenge"
  • "Dangerous tackle!"


  • "That will be a booking, yellow card"
  • "Yellow card no arguments there from the player"
  • "Yellow card, he'll need to be careful now!"
  • "Let see red or yellow"
  • "Well its the first card of the match and it's yellow"
  • "First card of the match, first of many I expect"


  • "Straight red he's off!"
  • "It's a red card an early bath for him"
  • "Silly challenge, he fully deserves to be sent off"
  • "It's his second yellow, he's off!


  • ''(player's name) tackled (player's Name), and the referee points at the spot its a penalty!"
  • "It's a penalty!"

Advantage Quotes Edit

  • Advantage played by the referee"
  • "Referee keeps the game flowing"
  • "There was a foul, but the referee has allowed play to continue"

Weather Quotes Edit

  • "Rather cold out here tonight, let's hope the pitch doesn't affect the game too drastically."
  • "Conditions could well be the enemy of skill."
  • "Sun's out, let's hope the game is as good as the weather"
  • "Sun is out and the football is reflecting that"
  • "Could be quite slippery out there"
  • "Not the best conditions to be honest"
  • "Snow is still coming down here"
  • "As you can see it's rather wet out here today, let's hope the pitch doesn't affect the game too much."

Other Quotes Edit

  • "No cards yet from the referee today"
  • "Good, clean game so far"
  • "Referee very much in control of this game and he hasn't had to show a card"
  • "Well ahead now, and this should be a win for them"
  • "Well you have to say there's not much chance of a comeback here now"
  • "Close lead, can they hold on till full time"
  • "Fourth official signals (Number between 1-6) minutes of stoppage time"
  • "Nice pass"
  • "They can score 10 (more than 5 goals in half time)"
  • "Few Ole's from the crowd there"
  • "Looks like the goalkeeper fancies himself as an outfield player!"
  • "Manager will be pleased with passing like this"
  • "A few changes at the break, let's see what difference they make, and off we go"
  • "Let's see if the opposition can come up with something special. They have a mountain to climb, but there are still 45 minutes, and anything can happen
  • "Great patience here"
  • "Oh (player's name) is injured"
  • "It's just one after the other, for this team the manager will be ecstatic"
  • "Well you have to say there's not much chance of a comeback here now, and it seems all over"
  • "Good possession"
  • "They're in cruise control now, and this should be the win for them"
  • "And we're off, this should be an entertaining game"
  • "He looks hurt down there, and in some pain"
  • "Always sad to see a player go off injured, hope he recovers soon"
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